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Whether you dive a couple times a year or a couple times a week, iScubaToo is your 24/7 on-demand scuba concierge.
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First, download the App from iTunes ® or Google Play Store ®

Next, you’ll do a quick safety stop to create your free account and setup your profile

Now, you’re ready to start planning your next dive ! Search the App to locate dive spots, plus find and compare dive centers

Easily share certification data and equipment settings in advance with dive centers.

After your dive, update your log book with notes and pictures

Want to see all of your dives ? Your log book allows you to see historical data, including total number of dives, last dive ...

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With iScubaToo you can log your dives, find new dive spots and more. There are other dive log Apps out there, but no other App allows you to find everything you’re looking for all in one place ...With iScubaToo, you’ll descend with ease !